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Our business Timber Construction specializes in General Construction. We are here to serve you with your residential needs.

We pride ourselves with detail and are excited to welcome you to our new page.


when I first started working in this industry, I worked for private firms suchlike Orion builders, Noble builders, state union carpenters ETC. Then after many years I decided to apply for my state license and open up my own construction business. that is when timber construction was "born" in 2014.

since then we have always been in business and our best reward is to see our customers always satisfied with our work.

we look forward in helping you with your project.



Our business specializes in General Construction. Such as:

  • Kitchen Remodeling.

  • Back Yard Remodeling.

  • Additions to your home.

  • New Construction(s).

  • Room Additions.

  • Second story.

  • bathroom Remodeling.

  • Windows.

  • door.

  • Skylights, Decks,fences.

  • trellises.

  • Gazebo.

  • and more...


“Gustavo is easy to work with and his estimates were pretty dang close to reality. He happily answered all my questions and patiently let me and my young sons watch.

He has done work on my house a few separate times. He installed some overhead lighting and rewired part of my house, remodeled a bathroom, and resided our garage. Each time was a joy to work with him.

I will definitely reach out to him again when I need more work at the house.”

Tyler K, Alameda, CA

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